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November 04, 2010

Fox News “Fair & Balanced” Offered Best Election Eve Coverage … Shocker, Even Better Than MSNBC

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There is a reason why Fox News is called “Fair & Balanced”.

 The results are in and FOX News offered a more balanced and professional coverage of the 2010 midterm election. During the hours of coverage on FOX, the cable news giant brought in a combination of anaysts on the right, left and center. Of course there were times that there was some smiles and glee on the ride of FOX News personalities, like when Bill O’Reilly wishfully predicted the demise of the despicable Florida House Rep Alan Grayson. As fate would have it, seconds later it was announced Grayson had lost in a landslide. However, clearly FOX News’ coverage was the best.

Fox News’ key decision in their approach to covering the election last night was putting their heaviest hitters on the bench, choosing their up-and-comers Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier to serve as hosts of their coverage, an overt effort to have their news anchors cover the election results instead of their opinion hosts (as opposed to MSNBC.)

The same cannot be said for the pathetic joke of what is called MSLSDMSNBC. Every so often when a key race was announced election night and a key Democrat lost a race, I would change the channel and go to MSNBC to see the reaction. After a while, I like many, could not take suffering what was passed off as election night coverage. There was only so long one could stare at a train wreck. The sophomoric humor, unprofessional and disrespectful behavior was a new low, even for NSNBC. The executives at NBC should be ashamed of what they passed off as a news product. Hopefully, new ownership at Comcast will gut the programming there.

Check out the unprofessional behavior of Crissy Matthews of MSNBC with sitting Congresswoman Michele Bauchmann (MN-R). You can hear Keith Olbermann laughing like a fool in the background as the sorry sad sacks of MSLSD pout, kick and scream at the election results coming in that did not put a thrill up Matthews leg.


Not only was MSNBC election night coverage bad, it’s focus was obviously only directed to the moonbat LEFT. Why should we be shocked seeing that every night of their cable shows is the same. At what point is some one going to step in and have adults run the operations over there. Honestly, it would have been better ratings if they just ran reruns of “To Catch a Predator”.

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