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September 05, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama Warned Against Lavish Spanish Vacation … the Result, a PR and Image Polling Nightmare

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King and Queen Obama are both out of touch with America and do not care … “Let the peasants eat cake.”

Michelle Obama was warned by aides against going to Spain and having a lavish vacation in the lap of luxury while back home common folk faced a nearly 10% unemployment rate and millions were unemployed. Her answer to the warnings, who cares, don’t you know who I am. Michelle Obama showed a complete disregard for the plight that the “common folk” were going through and now wonders why her carefully manufactured image is now tarnished and beyond repair. Michelle Obama finds her popularity poll numbers on the same path of President Obama, going south fast.

The New York Times reports First Lady Michelle Obama’s aides cautioned against her going on the early August European vacation in which she stayed at a 5-star resort in Spain and mingled with royalty. The lavish trip, the aides reportedly argued, could result in harm to her image.Aides say privately that they warned her there would be a cost to the trip, but she overruled them, insisting it was a rare chance to spend time with Sasha and with a friend whose father had died,” the paper reports. “But the intensity of the uproar — including accusations that she was a ‘modern-day Marie Antoinette’ — caught the White House and Mrs. Obama off guard.”

The trip resulted in the first extended negative press of the First Lady’s time in the White House. Critics questioned why Mrs. Obama chose to go to a glitzy, high-priced resort at a time when unemployment is high and many Americans are suffering economically.

How out of touch exactly is Michelle and Barack Obama? In one breathe Barack Obama talks about that this was the worst economic time since the Great Depression and in the next moment we see his wife Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama running off to Spain. Record number of Americans are on food stamps and Marie  Antoinette Obama goes on an extravagant vacation.  While Americans do not have jobs and have had their houses foreclosed on, let alone cannot take a vacation, Michelle & Barack think that the image of Michelle Obama on the beaches of Spain is a perfectly ok image.

If Obama did not care what the American people thought when it came to the $787 billion stimulus package, Obamacare or illegal immigration, does any one thing that Michelle Obama cares what the American people think about her vacation?

As stated at Town Hall, Michelle Obama’s image has taken a major hit following the “life-styles of the rich and famous” vacation to Spain. In a time in which Americans struggle to pay their bills, keep their homes or even have a job, Michelle Obama went on her ill advised vacation to Spain. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of her popularity following the vacation had her at 50%, down 14% from 2009.

After a widely admired start in the White House, first lady Michelle Obama’s popularity is falling and, if the current downward trend in her approval ratings continues, could touch lows not seen since the scandal-tainted days of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 50 percent of those surveyed say they have a positive opinion of Mrs. Obama. That’s down from 64 percent in April 2009 and 55 percent in January of this year. The first lady’s positive rating is barely ahead of her husband’s personal-approval figure, which stands at 46 percent in the new poll.

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