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April 11, 2010

Sue Lowden, GOP Front Runner and Odds on Favorite of Dethroning Harry Reid from his Nevada Senate Seat

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Polls say Harry Reid will go from Democrat Senate Majority leader to unemployed this November.


Sue Lowden

Republican Sue Lowden leads the GOP field in the primary polling to see who will take on Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid this November. Lowden leads comfortably all GOP Senate challenger, including her closest rival Danny Tarkanian.


According to the Mason-Dixon poll taken in early April, if the Republican primary were held today:

  • Lowden would win 45 percent of the vote.
  • Tarkanian, 27 percent.
  • Angle, 5 percent.
  • Christensen, 4 percent.
  • Chachas, 3 percent.

What is troubling for Harry Reid and Democrats is that the polling numbers show that Lowden would defeat Reid in the general election even if there was a Tea Party candidate. Reid’s favorability rating continues to dip as the voters express their displeasure in his helping force through Obamacare.

As for Reid, the poll shows the Democratic incumbent’s popularity dipping to a new all-time low with 56 percent of registered Nevada voters saying they have an unfavorable opinion of the senator, while about four in 10 people say they would vote for him on Election Day — not enough to win.

“Reid is hoping third party candidates, particularly this Tea Party guy, will draw enough votes that he can win, but I don’t see that happening,” said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, which conducted the survey. “Everybody knows who Reid is, and voters don’t have a good opinion of him.”

The latest polls show that even with a so-called Tea Party candidate, Lowden still beats Reid handily.

In a general election matchup with three named candidates — including Scott Ashjian, who has filed under the Tea Party of Nevada banner — the new April poll showed:

Lowden would win with 46 percent of the vote compared with 38 percent for Reid, 5 percent for Ashjian and 11 percent undecided.

Tarkanian and Reid would end in a dead heat with 39 percent of the vote each, while Ashjian would pick up 11 percent of the vote and with another 11 percent undecided.

Incumbent Democrat Harry Reid’s problem is he is an incumbent, a Democrat and has a position of leadership. All elements that will play against him this November no matter what union backing he gets. The people of Nevada know who Harry Reid is and they reject him. They are tired of a Senator who does not represent their wished. Harry Reid has become some what of a poster child of what “We the People” find troubling and wrong with current politicians.

Rasmussen has Reid trailing badly to all GOP challengers. According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, Harry Reid trailing ex-GOP Chairman Sue Lowden 54% to 39%.

Look for a Republican Senate seat pick up this November and a severe blow to the Democrats as they lose not only a Senate seat but also their Majority leader to boot.

UPDATE I: Now Harry Reid looks to alienate the rest of the Nevada voters by taking up Illegal Alien Reform … Can you say Amnesty?

As if Harry Reid’s approval ratings are not low enough, he now looks to piss off the rest of the Nevada voters who might have been undecided. Reid will lose badly this November, the race might be called the minute the polls close; however, like Obama they know the gig is up and ate going to reek as much havoc on the United States as humanly possible before they are through out of office.

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