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September 15, 2009

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 – Kanye West’s Faux Pas Disses Taylor Swift at MTV Video Music Awards

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  • The controversial rap star stole a once-in-a-lifetime moment from Taylor Swift.

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Can we just ban Kanye West from these events and stop giving him the attention that he so desperately wants?
It was a display of class, or lack there of, that we have become custom to with rapper Kanye West_SwiftWest. As Taylor Swift was named the winner of “Best Female Video” at the MTV Music Awards, West did his best impersonation of a lowlife, thug, jackass and ruined the moment and acceptance speech by the Country singer, Taylor Swift. What class, telling a winner of an award that some one else should have won it.
VIDEO can be seen here.
The singer, Taylor Swift, 19, whose hit song You Belong with Me had just won the award for Best Female Video, stood motionless and open-mouthed as West jumped up from his front-row seat, grabbed the microphone from her, and said: “You Taylor, I’m really happy for you . . . but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!”
The rest of the audience, after a brief moment of stunned silence, began to boo the rapper.

Thankfully, audience members rightfully booed Kanye West after his despicable display. Later in the show when Kanye’s name was mentioned, boos and chants of “Taylor” could be heard throughout the venue. Enter Beyoncé, who would win MTV’s grand prize of “Video of the Year” and would show great class and made it right for what happened to Taylor Swift.
Before calling Swift back up on stage — “I would like Taylor to come out and have her moment,” she said — Beyoncé told the audience how important it had been for her to win her first MTV award. The two singers then hugged and Swift completed her thank-yous. West, who had been seen drinking before the show, apologised on his website. “I’m sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom. I’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!” he wrote.
Oh, that’s mighty big of Kanye, he apologized on his website. How about in public? I refuse to even link to his site as it was not an apology.
As the Gateway Pundit reminds us, this is the same idiot that blamed George Bush for killing black people,“he don’t care about black people,” in New Orleans.
From the Politico, ABC News reporter Terry Moran caused quite a commotion tonight on Twitter after writing the following: “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass”  for his antics on MTV. Hmm, should he have said he acted “stupidly” instead?

Shocker that the Tweet was deleted shortly after. What is up with this President getting involved with such issues while he has Obamacare, the economy and deficits to worry about? It appears that ABC ran with “off the record” comments. That’s priceless, so it was actually said.

Kanye West apologizes for the third time on Jay Leno Show. Stop giving this punk air time, you are giving him exactly what he was after in the first place. West wants to apologize in person. Some words of wisdom, I don’t think you want to visit Taylor in her home town of Nashville, her fans just might take exception.

West said he knew he was wrong the moment he handed the microphone back to Swift, when he was bathed in boos. He had interrupted Swift on Sunday night as she accepted a best female video award for “You Belong With Me,” arguing that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” was more deserving.

“It was rude, period,” West said. He posted a second apology to Swift on his blog on Monday, and told Leno he wanted to apologize to the country music star in person.

TMZ has the audio of President Obama calling Kayne West a “JACKASS”

After making the remarks, Obama said “Where’s the pool?” Presumably, he was worried the joke would go wide. He noted the last time that happened, he got burned for killing a fly.

The Astute Blogger is dead on … Obama should have made his comment “on the record” if he had the stones. Obama had no problem stating that the Cambridge, MA police acted stupidly at a press conference on healthcare, why couldn’t The One have defended Taylor Swift in public and condemned Kayne West?

Oops, but instead he did it off the record, even though it got out anyhow.

“Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a ‘jackass’ for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential,” “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran wrote Monday evening to his more than 1 million followers.

Weasel Zippers have an interesting premise, did Obama do this purposely in order to show that he was one of us as his poll numbers are dropping? Why else would a media in his back pocket release off the record comments unless they were nudged to? But that would take a MSM that was in the tank for Obama. Oh wait, they are.

Newsbusters with a nice analysis of Obama’s “jackass” comment with the media. The surprise was not the “jackass” comment regarding Kanye West, who basically is a jackass, if not worse. The issue really is, what is up with the President and the MSM being so buddy, buddy? Where was this audio taken, at an Obama pool party? It’s just one big Obama-MSM love-fest party, no wonder America cannot get stories like Van Jones and the Acorn scandals covered by the MSM.

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