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May 10, 2005

Glenn 2 Dave 0

Posted in: Bloggers,General

Glenn Reynolds tells the truth to Dave Winer.

BUT DAVE, it was your behavior that was the problem, and pointing fingers at others and engaging in juvenile revenge fantasies doesn’t change that. It was the only dark spot on an otherwise successful conference.

In fact, your “moderation” of the civility session was anything but. You insisted on shutting people down, and repeatedly charged off the topic under discussion to make sure they knew you disagreed with them on peripheral issues. You embarrassed yourself, people have noticed, and the gentlemanly thing to do would be to apologize, not play the victim and accuse your critics of being confederate symapthizers.

I seriously doubt even the gentlemanly tone used will permiate the self pity Dave has cloaked himself in.

For more information, see my live blog of the encounter.


If you have read the post by Glenn, go back and see the email that Dave sent to Glenn. It was amazing that the he is that tone deaf. Glenn is the gentlemans gentleman of the blogworld in my eyes. What a shame.

Update 2; Not sure where to place this, but Mark Glaser has done a very good recap of the things I did notice and learn from at BlogNashville ( Maybe attached to the post you should have done Sunday … Ed.) I especially like the recognition of the discussion page. A Great tool that I saw many attendees using.

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