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February 11, 2009

Is Lee Anthony the New Shango … Was Lee’s Cryptic Messages to Caylee or Casey … CMA, CMA?

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Why with the public there for Caylee did the family need to provide more drama and reference the name of Casey Anthony?

As thousands attended and looked on at the Caylee Anthony Memorial yesterday, they were presented with beautiful music and heart felt comments regarding little Caylee. Thankfully, there were no protesters, no news conferences, no bounty hunters stealing the spotlight. Just as everything was going too perfectly … WHAM!!! The Anthony’s had to provide drama where none was needed … cryptic messages from Lee Anthony and the obligatory Anthony family defense of indicted tot mom Casey.


George and Cindy Anthony walked back to their seats after placing a teddy bear yesterday at the memorial in Orlando, Fla. (Red Huber/Pool)

What was up with Lee Anthony’s code talk? Is Lee the new Shango? Was it really appropriate for the Anthony family to interject Casey’s name and ask anyone for forgiveness? The public was there to remember Caylee, not Casey.

Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, said his family is “incomplete” and the loss of Caylee has left him broken. He spoke in defense of his jailed sister.


Lee looking at laptop while making comments at Caylee Memorial

“If I could ask something from anybody that was willing to hear it, it would be this: For those of us that are frightened or angry or mournful or that just don’t understand, I ask that you fill your heart with patience and grace, and that you allow yourself to yield any judgments that you may already have,” he said.

He continued, “For those of us who will never be the same again, I ask that you fill your heart with hope and forgiveness and you allow yourself to cope and heal.” 



H/T: Klaas … what was on Lee’s laptop?

Were their cryptic messages being sent by Lee? If so, why? What promise is he referring to? Maybe Lee would like to elaborate seeing that he made the comment to the public.

Her uncle Lee asked everyone to withhold judgment and to fill their hearts with patience and grace. This is the first time we’ve heard from him in months.

He spoke of “CMA,” saying how much he missed her and will never forget his promise to her. He kissed his Caylee bracelet.

At first, I thought he meant Caylee but then remembered Casey Anthony shares the same initials.

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