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November 17, 2008

People’s Republic of Vermont: Pledge of Allegiance Controversy in Woodbury Elementary School in Vermont

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When was the last time that Vermont ever sided with that which is actually patriotic and traditional?

Once again welcome to the People’s Socialist Republic of Vermont formerly known as the Green Mountain State has an issue when it comes to honoring America. What is the gripe this time? It appears there is a controversy at the Woodbury Elementary School over the daily recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance. Once again the state of Vermont has forgotten that they are actually part of the United States of America.

But efforts to restore them have erupted into a bitter dispute in this tiny town, with school officials blocking the exercise from classrooms amid concerns that it holds nonparticipating children up to scorn.

Supporters say the classroom is the place for it, and the disagreement has fueled an increasingly acrimonious debate among the town’s 810 residents.

“The whole thing is tearing our community apart,” said Heather Lanphear, 39, the mother of a first-grade student.

Unlike other Pledge controversies, this one centers on how and where schoolchildren say it, not whether they should be allowed to.

The controversy began when Ted Tedesco, 55, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Major, began circulating petitions calling for its return as a daily practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge was allowed; however, it could not be done in the classroom but instead were marched out of the classroom and to the auditorium. The touchy-feely principal and school board defended these actions as they did not want those not saying the pledge to feel bad.

“We don’t want to isolate children every day in their own classroom, or make them feel they’re different,” Principal Michaela Martin said.

Martin and School Board Chairwoman Retta Dunlap defended the practice, saying it restored the Pledge to the school as requested, preserved the rights of students who — for political or religious reasons — didn’t want to participate and gave others the opportunity to pledge their allegiance.

Political and religious reasons? If a child has an issue with saying the words “under God”, heaven forbid then all they have to do is not say those words while taking the pledge. However, maybe the principal, school board and someone can explain “political” reasons. A child lives in America, is allowed the rights and services of living in America and is being provided an education in America and cannot Pledge of Allegiance to America? Exactly what country do they want to pledge allegiance to?

Maybe in the People’s Republic of Vermont they would more allow the song below to be played and recited by school children every morning? Some hoe I doubt whether the liberal educators would object.

Coming soon to Vermont class rooms …Vermont educators will soon be playing this video before class every morning

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