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October 20, 2008

More Niceties from the LEFT … Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin, “F#@& You” … No Negativity from the LEFT Colin Powell

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Colin Powell best look up in the dictionary the definition of  the word “inclusive.”

Sadly enough in the end to some one who was once respected by many, Colin Powell can only see hate and negativity on one side through his own rose colored glasses. Powell has said that his decision to back Obama is not about race, really? Who is Powell kidding that his decision is about the negative turn of McCain campaign, back in September Powell made the following comment … “Colin Powell, the first African-American Secretary of State, said this afternoon that electing an African-American US president would be “electrifying” for the world …”

Because this is average, play nice, non-negative coverage of politics from the Left … Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” tells Sarah Palin “F%#k You”.  You a wit and vocabulary you have Jon Stewart. Sorry Mr. Stewart is you think that the pro-America part of the country does not include you. Do you have a guilty conscience? How ironic and ridiculous that an elitist like Stewart would become so offended that rural America is referred to as pro-America when Stewart makes a living trivializing small town America and the people who live there and referring to anyplace that is not where high browed city folk live as “the woods”.

Speaking to a college audience in Boston, Mass. Friday, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart used his stand-up routine to respond to Sarah Palin’s comments about “pro-America” parts of the country, shedding the profanity restrictions that govern his Comedy Central show.

“She said that small towns, that’s the part of the country she really likes going to because that’s the pro-America part of the country. You know, I just want to say to her, just very quickly: [expletive] you,” Stewart said to raucous applause.

Palin addressed a North Carolina fund-raiser Thursday night saying, “We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. We believe…that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation.”

I guess Colin Powell in endorsing Barack Obama missed that meanness and negativity, conveniently enough. Colin Powell stated that “he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat’s “ability to inspire” and the “inclusive nature of his campaign.” I guess the Obama campaign and its surrogates like John Lewis calling McCain & Palin segregationalists like George Wallace and playing the race card at every opportunity is some how not mean spirited in Powell’s eyes and an attempt at being inclusive. Talk about making excuses.

Powell said he was concerned about what he characterized as a recent negative turn of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain’s campaign, such as the campaign’s attempts to tie Obama to former 1960s radical Bill Ayers.

“I think that’s inappropriate. I understand what politics is about — I know how you can go after one another, and that’s good. But I think this goes too far, and I think it has made the McCain campaign look a little narrow. It’s not what the American people are looking for,” he said.

How absolutely sad that anyone would think that inclusiveness meant calling people racists who did not agree with Barack Obama. It does not get any more divisive than that.

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