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September 16, 2013

USA TODAY/Pew Poll: Americans Still Do Not Like, Nor Understand Obamacare

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Remember when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made the ridiculous comment, that we have to pass the bill (Obamacare) in order to find out what is in it? Well, all these years later and the American people still do not like it, nor do they understand it. Which begs the question, how in the HELL was Obama reelected? And why isn’t the GOP doing every meaningful thing to prevent this nightmare from being inflicted on the American people? With something so unpopular, why do Republican think they will be punished by the voters for doing so?

A recent USA TODAY/Pew poll shows that as much as ever “We the People” do not like Obamacare and also do not like how it is being implemented by Barack Obama and his minions. When Obama signed the law more than three years ago, supporters predicted Americans would embrace it. FAT CHANCE. The law is as unpopular as ever and the more Americans find out of the debacle, the worse support gets.

Opposition hits new highs: 53% disapprove of the health care law, the highest level since it was signed; 42% approve. By an even wider margin, intensity favors the opposition; 41% of those surveyed strongly disapprove while just 26% strongly approve. Fifty-three percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of health care policy, an historic high. And Democrats have lost their traditional advantage on the issue. For the first time in polling that stretches back more than two decades, Americans narrowly prefer Republicans in dealing with health care policy, 40%-39%.

A boost in approval for the law that followed the Supreme Court decision in July 2012 upholding most of its provisions, to 47% approve-43% disapprove, has disappeared.

Confusion continues: Only one in four say they understand the law’s impact on them and their families well while one-third say they have little or no understanding about how the law will work. Despite increasing education efforts by the administration, advocacy groups and some states, the percentage of Americans who don’t understand the law has declined only modestly, to 34% from 44%, since it was passed.

Hot Air presents other polls that have the same outcome … Americans dislike Obamacare.

Even among those in the know — or perhaps especially among the informed — the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular, and opposition is deepening in two new polls released today.  The NBC/WSJ poll puts opposition in the plurality, but the trend lines are not improving for the White House.

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