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April 21, 2005

Return To “Stingy” American Tsunami Relief

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Remember during the tsunami aftermath and the Tsunami Relief efforts Jan Egeland called America (Western Countries) stingy? I had been thinking about where all those efforts stood as the MSM has all but made the story nonexistent. Wizbang comes to my aide and has a great post on the topic. Also, Chuck Simmons does yeoman’s work on calculating the final numbers of as he calls it THE STINGY LIST. You have to take a look at the who’s who list of donations.

The final amounts donated by the “Stingy” Americans for tsunami disaster relief from private donations are over One Billion Dollars. That is truly remarkable, but some how not surprising. Americans always come to the aide of those in need. No matter what other countries or fool hearty individuals at the UN, Americans know the truth and I would surmise that after the outpouring of aide and help we provided in the tsunami disaster areas; there are many people from Indonesia, Thailand and other affected areas who also now know the truth and see America in a new light.

Michelle Malkin’s posts on the opposite side of the spectrum. What ever happened to the Canadian Government donations that were promised to Sir Lanka tsunami victims?

Which begs the question … Who would you rather have responsible for getting your donations to disaster relief, Private enterprise or the Government? I think we all know the answer.

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