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December 02, 2007

NCAA College Football and the BSC Bowl System is a JOKE!!! Money … Money … Money!!! (Update: BSC Title Game: LSU vs. Ohio St.)

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Division I (BSC) College football suffered their worst nightmare scenario last night. Both #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia lost throwing the BCS Bowls and the BCS National Championship into utter turmoil. Of course the system was a joke long before last nights scenario played out, this just confirmed it. So who plays for the BCS National Championship, now what?

With the BCS and Division 1 college football, its all about the money. Nothing more, nothing less. If they actually cared who was the real #1, there would be a playoff system just like all the other NCAA sports. Instead of having college presidents and Conference officials providing excuses that it is impossible, why don’t they just put their heads together to figure out the money disbursement and keeping bowls in tact. That’s what this is really about … this is not rocket science .. JUST DO IT!

Bowl Champ. Series, View complete poll, Sun Nov 25, 2007

  • 1. Missouri 
  • 2. West Virginia 
  • 3. Ohio State 
  • 4. Georgia 
  • 5. Kansas 
  • 6. Virginia Tech 
  • 7. LSU 
  • 8. USC 
  • 9. Oklahoma 
  • 10. Florida

All signs appear that Ohio St, who have seemingly backed their way into a title shot by playing no one and being a part of a Big 10 Conference that was way down this year, will play LSU, the SEC Conference Champion.

However, why should Ohio St be playing for a championship? Why are they even ranked so high when they have no body of work? Kansas can claim the same. Why is Kansas ranked higher than Oklahoma, when the Jay Hawks could not even make it to the Big 12 Title Game? The only reason why they are is because they never had to play the Sooners this season.

How is Georgia ranked #4? My apologies to Bulldog nation, however, your team could not even win the right to play in the SEC Championship game. Georgia certainly cannot be allowed in a BCS title game ahead of LSU, the actual SEC Conference champion.

Let’s face it, there are two teams that actually when all is said in down should be playing this year for the BSC title … Oklahoma Sooners vs. LSU Tigers. I do not care if these teams have 2 losses, these teams play in the two best conferences in the country. Playing cup cakes and being in an inferior conference cannot be rewarded. 

UPDATE I: Ohio State new No. 1 in USA Today coaches’ poll

New USA Coaches poll,

  • 1. Ohio St
  • 2. LSU
  • 3. Oklahoma
  • 4. Georgia
  • 5. VA Tech
  • 6. USC

Ohio State, which now seems in position to play in the title game, picked up three first-place votes and 1,418 points.

A week after falling from the top spot in the poll, LSU (11-2) moved up five spots from seventh to second. The Tigers garnered 11 first-place votes and 1,418 points. LSU won the Southeastern Conference title game Saturday with a 21-14 victory over then-No. 15 Tennessee.

Oklahoma (11-2), which knocked Missouri from the top spot with a 38-17 win in the Big 12 Conference title game, rose five spots to third. The Sooners received two first-place votes and 1,331 points.

Remaining at fourth is Georgia (10-2), which already had completed its regular season.

Virginia Tech (11-2) remained fifth following its 30-16 win over then-No. 12 Boston College in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game.

Fresh off a 24-7 win over UCLA, Southern California (10-2) is up three spots to sixth.

UPDATE I: Ohio St., LSU to vie for national title

And what is the joke of this BCS game? Just like on Saturday night when #8 Oklahoma was a favorite against #1 Missouri in the Big 12 Championship game … the #2 LSU Tigers will be a favored against Ohio St. The early Vegas odds have the point spread anywhere between LSU being a 4.5 to 6 point favored.

LSU takes the second spot in BCS, will face Ohio St.

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