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April 06, 2007

Aruba: Hypocrites … MEP & Oduber call for Call for Boycott of Diario

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Isn’t this priceless? The very people who have whined about a tourism boycott of the Aruban island are calling for a commercial boycott of an Aruban business. Aruban officials and their tourism boards have actively campaigned against the notion of a boycott by American tourists against Aruba in response for the handling of the Natalee Holloway case. Now MEP and their leader Nelson Oduber are calling for a boycott against Jossy Mansur and the Diario newspaper.

You can’t have it both ways folks. Not too hypocritical now are we? Complain when it hurts your economic interests and then call for boycotts when you wish to silence your critics. Democracy alive and well on “One Happy Island”.

Amigoe, April 4, 2007:  Diario turns to Queen  

ORANJESTAD – In an open letter, staff and management of the morning paper Diario have asked the Queen’s attention for the commercial boycott called by the MEP and her leader, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.  

MEP demanded the owner and also director and chief editor Jossy Mansur to publicly apologize to MEP and premier Oduber for all the articles he has published with the intention to damage the reputation of the government and MEP.   Mansur has till last Monday to do this, otherwise, the MEP will announce a boycott against Diario.  

Since Mansur ignored MEP’s ultimatum, the party decided on a total boycott of the newspaper.   No information must be given to Diario.   MEP-member had to cancel their subscription as per immediate..   They are also not allowed to buy the paper separately.   They cannot place ads in the Diario.  

That’s the reason for Diario’s letter to the Queen.   He expressed his concern in this letter and asks the Queen to ‘safeguard our constitutional rights’.    


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