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March 12, 2012

Americans by a 65% to 26% Disapprove of How President Barack Obama is Handling the Increasing Price of Gas

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President Barack Obama has a gas problem …

President Obama has a new reelection problem that will not soon go away and pretty much affects every American.  The ever increasing gas prices in the US have most Americans angered with the Presidents actions, or lack there of. According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, Americans by a broad 65% to 26% disapprove of how Obama is handling the price of gas.

More than half of Americans for the first time expect Barack Obama to be re-elected — but that won’t make it easy: Even as expectations have moved his way, rising gas prices have dented the president’s rating on handling the economy, his overall job approval has slipped back under 50 percent and he’s reverted to a dead heat in public preferences against Mitt Romney.

The results of the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll mark two political realities: One, the sharp division of public attitudes for and against Obama, with continued greater intensity of sentiment among his critics. And two, the damaging political effects of rising gasoline prices, which have surpassed the federal budget deficit as Obama’s single weakest issue.

Americans by a broad 65-26 percent disapprove of how the president is handling the price of gas, which has gained 49 cents a gallon this year to an average $3.79.

WAPO – Gas prices sink Obama’s poll numbers

Full polling results can be seen HERE.

As Time states, Obama has slipped in polls against GOP rivals. This occurring when the GOP is attacking each other, imagine what will happen when the focus os on Obama and his first faled term in office?  With all due respect to the MSM and Obama’s minions, they can spin his polling numbers and the so-called job recovery all they want; however, Obama fails miserably on the two biggest issues of the moment, the economy and gas prices.   Obama’s approval rating on handling the economy has lost 6 points in a month, to 38%. Couple that with 26% approval with the handling of gas prices and the overwhelming want for Americans to repeal Obamacare … Barack, you have a serious problem.Just curious, how disingenuous are those who give Obama 38% on the economy and 26% in dealing with gas prices, yet want him reelected. Seriously?

To make matters worse, Obama’s anti-oil and fossil fuel agenda is only going to be made worse for the summer months when “Summer” gas blends are instituted and Obama’s continued doubling down on failed “green” energy projects.

Barack Obama has stated that there is no silver bullet to fix the gas price issue; however, doing nothing and being against oil at all cost, even if it means not creating jobs. This will come back to haunt Obama in a major way in 2012. There is no way Obama is going to be able to justify his actions to the American voter when they are paying $4 and $5 a gallon for gas.

NRO reminds us of some Americans amnesia when it comes to if a President has the ability to affect gas prices. My how things have changed when the same question was asked whether GWB and increasing gas prices. I thought Obama was the most intelligent President ever and all-knowing Obamamessiah? Guess not. Talk about a low bar that the Obama Administration is held to.

They asked, “Do you think there’s anything the Obama administration reasonably can do to reduce gasoline prices, or do you think gas prices have risen because of factors beyond the administration’s control?” They found 50 percent responded the administration can do something; 45 percent said “beyond their control.”

Back in May 2006, 62 percent thought that the Bush administration could do something about the price of gas, and only 35 percent thought it was beyond their control.

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