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April 03, 2006

Diario; Taping the ‘reenactment’ of Natalee’s case

Posted in: Aruba,Diario,Media,Natalee Holloway

Diario; April 2, 2006: Grabando e “reconstruccion” di caso di Natalee

Taping the ‘reenactment’ of Natalee’s case

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Last Sunday night, using the car that Police confiscated for the weekend from the Kalpoe brothers, they held a ‘reenactment’ to record for Dutch TV.

DIARIO’s photographer barely had the chance to take a picture, given that 3 different American TV crews were standing around and they did not want to bother ‘Recherche Yearwood’.

Has the police force declared war against the local press?

They want more witnesses to come forward this way.

For this reason, starting today, DIARIO is giving key witnesses and ‘alternative’ to give information. Read page 3.
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