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April 11, 2011

Gas Climbing Toward $5.00 a Gallon & Trump Says It’s Obama’s Fault

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Thanks Barack Obama …

The price of gas keeps going up and up under the Obama Administration and the Obamamessiah cannot blame GWB for this one. The national average for regular unleaded is now as $3.76, up 19 cents from March 18, 2011 and up 91 cents from a year ago.  Some energy experts are saying that the price of gasoline could reach $5 per gallon is possible by Memorial Day or sometime in summer. So much for America’s summer vacations thanks to Obama’s policies. Hey Barack, you can bet that the people will not forget this any time soon, especially during the next Presidential election.

Donald Trump has chimed in on the ever increasing cost of gasoline and has roundly blamed President Barack Obama for the situation. Trump has been a thorn in the side of Obama lately and has obviously gotten under his skin. So much that Obama’s minions have felt it necessary to comment on Trump and claim he hasn’t a chance of being President.

Real estate developer Donald Trump blames President Obama for the rising price of oil, warning, “this country can never, ever recover” if oil prices continue to go up.

“That’s really the life’s blood of the country,” Trump told CNBC in a phone interview on Monday. The Trump Organization chairman, who says he’s considering running for president, plans to decide “before June” on the matter.

He contended that Obama is not a leader and is “in bed with these (OPEC) people. He doesn’t speak the way you have to speak to them.”

Add gas prices to the long list of failures of Obama. When combined with Obamacare, the economy, government spending, out of control record deficits and his overall weak leadership … the Lonely Conservative makes a valid point that the MSM obviously ignores, the GOP could run Bugs Bunny against Obama and win. It took Americans 8 years to develop an anti-Bush mentality that unfortunatley led to an Obama presidency. However, , it has taken Obama less than two years to be fed the One and make him a One term “One”der.

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