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March 06, 2011

16 Year Old Raquel “Rachel” Bonilla, HS Junior, Missing Since 3/2/11 in Schaumburg, IL (UPDATE: Found Safe)

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16 year old Raquel “Rachel” Bonilla, a  junior at Schaumburg High School, has been missing since Wednesday, March 2, 2011 when she never returned home from school. According to her family she usually calls; however never did. Her family also says that she has no many or any access to a car.
Raquel Bonilla is described in the press release as Hispanic, 5-feet-5, 170 pounds with brown eyes, black hair and a medium complexion.
Raquel “Rachel” Bonilla
A Facebook page has been created  … “Help Find Raquel Bonilla”. However, it might be this one, seems to be there was already a Facebook page created.
As reported at WNBC – Chicago, the family of Raquel  Bonilla last heard from her at approximately 1:50 pm, Wednesday, when Bonilla’s mom received a text message from her daughter, “stating “she was staying after school to make up some quizzes she had missed when she was out with the stomach flu.”  According to family members, she was supposed to get a ride from somebody or call for a ride and just never did. Raquel  Bonilla never returned home and was not heard from again.
“She’s always calling [me], even if she’s running a few minutes late.”

She then began repeatedly trying to contact her daughter to find out where she was.  “I texted her saying: Rach– where are you? You’re not home.”

When Raquel failed to respond, her mother contacted the phone company.

She discovered there had been no activity on the teen’s account since the text message at 1:50 pm.

Anyone who may have seen Raquel Bonilla is asked to call the Schaumburg Police Department at the Investigations Division at

UPDATE I: From the Chicago Tribune, it appears that there are conflicting,  false and misleading statements about contact with or knowledge about Raquel Bonia. One report being investigated is that the 16 year old had an on-line friendship with a Chicago area man in his early 20’s. Hmm, I guess by checking out her home PC would solve this. Could this just be a case of a teen running off to meet someone they met on the internet? Of course we are presuming the man was really in his 20′s.

Detectives received information that Raquel was dropped off at a train station by an acquaintance so that Raquel could travel to Chicago. However, the Bonilla family also provided police with information concerning possible sightings of Raquel in the Schaumburg and Elgin areas between Wednesday and Friday.

Schaumburg police detectives are also investigating a report from the Bonilla family that Raquel had an on-line friendship with a Chicago area manin his early 20’s.

UPDATE I:  Raquel  Bonilla found alive and well in a hotel near Midway Airport

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