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October 08, 2010

Bring Out Your Dead … 72,000 Obama Stimulus Payments Went to Dead People

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Your Obama, Democrat ”BIG  GOVERMNENT” working for you … Trying to stimulate the dead? Bring Out your Dead.


In just another example of the waste and ineptitude of “Big Government”, it is being reorted that SSA, Social Security Administration,has sent  89,000 Democrat and Obama approved stimulus checks of $250 were sent to either individuals that were dead or in prison. NICE!!! Of these checks, 72,000 were sent to the dead.  To make matters worse, an additional $4.3 million went to more than 17,000 prison inmates. Just how incompetent is this government? These are the people that talk about taking oout the waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid? Maybe they might want to look in the mirror first.

More than 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each went to people who were either dead or in prison, a government investigator says in a new report.

Pic hat Tip: No Sheeple Here

The payments, which were part of last year’s massive economic recovery package, were meant to increase consumer spending to help stimulate the economy.

But about $18 million went to nearly 72,000 people who were dead, according to the report by the Social Security Administration’s inspector general. The report estimates that a little more than half of those payments were returned.

An additional $4.3 million went to more than 17,000 prison inmates, the report said. Most of the inmates, it turns out, were eligible to get the payments because they were newly incarcerated and had been receiving Social Security before they were locked up.

Only half of the checks sent to the dead have been returned. Get this as stated at No Sheeple Here, The Social Security Administration says that the stimulus package didn’t include a provision allowing it to try to retrieve funds that were mistakenly sent out, so it can’t try to retrieve the money. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. These are the folks you want in charge of your health care, eh? They made no provisions for contingency situations and thought all of this would just go like clockwork. A question to all, when does government operate like clockwork?

From the WSJ,  Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma reaction:

“This report highlights the broader problems with the Recovery Act itself,” said Coburn, in a statement. “At a time like now, when nearly $350 billion in waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government annually has been reported and our national debt closing in on $13.5 trillion, these findings represent the epitome of congressional stupidity and a total disregard for accountability.”

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