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August 16, 2010

A Desparate President Barack Hussein Obama Begs … “Let’s reach for hope”

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Barack Hussein Obama pleads … “Let’s reach for hope,” Good grief, is this the Obamamessiah’s new campaign slogan for 2012?


No Mr. President, let’s reach for the voting lever and throw you and yours out office in the 2010 midterm and 2012 elections. Americans have about had enough of your hope. As a matter of fact, we can’t take any more of your hope defined as near 10% unemployment, record federal deficits, out of control spending and budgets, no border security and a health care plan that is nothing more than a government take over of health care and our lives from cradle to grave.


From the AP with a hat tip from the Drudge report, Obama says reach for hope while he and the Democrats rob Americans of their hard earned money and civil liberties. Obama spends the people’s money with little regard as to the wasteful nature of a $787 billion stimulus plan that accomplished nothing.

Flying thousands of miles to reap millions of dollars, President Barack Obama is dashing across the country to help his party retain power, essentially offering one familiar argument: Republicans don’t solve problems.

“Don’t give in to fear,” Obama said Monday in his latest ominous vision of a country led by the opposition party. “Let’s reach for hope.”

Obama has settled on his message for the pivotal midterm elections, which means what he said Monday in Milwaukee will sound like what he says Tuesday in Seattle and Wednesday in Miami. He is covering more than 8,000 freewheeling miles in three days, the kind of personal attention that gets donors to the door.

This week offers not just a window for Obama to campaign — Congress is gone, his summer vacation awaits — but also a window into his thinking about the fall campaign. Despite deep voter impatience over the sickly economy, the White House is betting people will stick with Democrats if the choice is framed as one between those who act and those who obstruct.

On Monday, he warned of reliving a dreadful past, saying Republicans want voters “to be afraid of the future.”

Actually President Obama, Americans are afraid of your present. This has nothing to do with the GOP or former President George W. Bush. This has to do with your atrocious track record on the economy, jobs and the budget. It has to do with you at every opportunity siding against the will of the American people. Americans have had enough of your and your words of hope.

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