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October 19, 2005

Looks Like Everyone Wants To Sue These Days, this Time its Deepak Kalpoe’s Turn

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From the October 18, 2005 Greta Van Susteren ‘On The Record’ comes a rather peculiar interview with Tito Lacle discussing the possibility of Deepak Kalpoe’s potential law suit regarding the Jamie Skeeters video tapes.

One does wonder why anyone would have to wait to see if the video tapes are authentic in order to begin a lawsuit. Doesn’t Deepak know whether or not he made the statements that appeared on the video tape? That would seem to be an easy question for Deepak to tell his attorney. Also, it now seems that the defense now seems to want to say, even if the tapes are authentic, they were coerced.

Based on that, he basically thinks the tapes were coerced, manipulated and therefore enough grounds to start a case. According to him, what Deepak said is not correct according to Deepak’s statements.

It would appear that they person most at fault in all of this would be Deepak Kalpoe. How many times must his attorney told him not to talk to anyone about this? It is pretty difficult to defend a client if they do not listen.

Greta: I take it the lawyer was not too happy that Deepak was talking?

Tito: Exactly, the lawyer was not happy at all. He wasn’t even told until after it happened. But then again, Deepak never knew this was going to be an interview, he thought it was a candid discussion. Which ended up afterward being a recorded version. That is basically the main reason for a possible lawsuit because of taping someone without informing him officially he was being taped.

The fact that Deepak did not know he was being taped for an interview seems almost implausible at this point. If Deepak never knew of the taping and never made these comments that he has already seen on TV one would think that the lawsuit would already be initiated. What would they have to wait for?

Read more of the interview and Tito also discussing the tapes, Aruban opinion of the case and future searches.

Greta: Tito, I understand that Deepak is mad and his lawyer is threatening legal action?

Tito: Greta, that is correct. They have been mad since that interview aired some time ago. As of today, I was told by the lawyers they are seriously considering pressing charges, what kind he doesn’t know yet. Like Vinda said earlier today, they are waiting on the tapes to arrive from the states to see if there are any grounds for legal action. They are seriously considering taking people to court sometime soon.

Greta: The prosecutor is waiting for these tapes, is Deepak’s lawyer also waiting to see what the prosecutor gets? Or is he being more aggressive and going after them as well?


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