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August 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Barack Obama: Missouri Votes No to Obamacare … Show Me State Says Yes to Proposition C and No Mandatory Insurance

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Happy Birthday Barack Obama …

Missouri, the Show Me State, provided an early 49th birthday gift to President Obama last night by voting overwhelmingly against Obamacare and the mandatory purchase of insurance. Missourians voted by a 3 to 1 margin in favor of Proposition C and provided a clear shot across the bow to Barack Obama and the Democrats who voted for Obamacare and the government take over of health care. Once again we see that Barck Obama will be on the ballot in 2010.

The referendum was the first chance for voters to express a view on the overhaul, although turnout in the state was low and Republican voters significantly outnumbered Democrats.

With all precincts reporting, 71% of voters supported Proposition C, establishing a state law that says Missouri cannot compel people to pay a penalty or fine if they fail to carry health coverage. Twenty-nine percent voted against the proposition.

The state law runs counter to the federal health law President Barack Obama signed in March, which calls on most Americans to carry coverage or pay a fine.

Some state attorneys general have challenged the insurance mandate as unconstitutional. Defenders of the law say the mandate falls within Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce and levy taxes.

Didn’t Obama, Pelosi and Reid say that Americans would learn to love Obamacare after it was passed?

How will Proposition C affect the US Senate race in Missouri with Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Robin Carnahan, both who won easy primary wins last night? Carnahan already finds herself behind in the polls, how will she address Obamacare leading up to the midterm election? It would be kind of hard to distance yourself from an unpopular piece of legislation when one supported it.

The Belmont Club provides us with some of the spin that the MSM is already trying to use in rationalizing how over 70% of a state was against what is considered one of Obama’s greatest successes. The fact of the matter is, Missouri is a “bellwether” state and is a very good indication of the countries mood. It is most certain that if ever state in America had a similar proposition on the ballot during this years primaries, the results would be similar. There is a reason why so manyAmerican think that Obamacare is bad for the United States and want to repeal the healthcare law.

By a 71.1% to 28.9% margin, Missouri voters overwhelmingly voted down Obamacare and the mandatory purchase of insurance. However, the NY Times is trivializing “We the People’s” vote by saying ” the referendum seemed not to capture the general population’s attention.” Really? For a state that Obama lost 50% to 49%and only 3903 votes, it can hardly be considered good news that The One’s signature piece of legislation just got hammered in a referendum by 43%.

Spin as the MSM might, this a a damning political loss for Barack Obama, Democrats and Obamacare. The Left can make the excuse and continual to live in denial; however, in Missouri according to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 44% approve of the job Obama is doing as president, while 56% disapprove.

The Gateway Pundit has much, much more. By the way, welcome back Jim!

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