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February 27, 2010

Desiree Rogers Stepping Down as Obama’s White House Social Secretary

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Does this mean we don’t get a sequel to Party Crashers-gate?

Desiree Rogers is out as  Obama’s White House Social Secretary.  She will be stepping down after presiding over 330 events and one memorable one.  I’ll say she made it the “People’s house.”

Rogers is departing after achieving a major goal of President Obama and First Lady Michelle — opening up the White House to make it the “peoples house.”

Too bad she didn’t take her job more important that night than she did attending the State dinner herself.

How will Tareq and Michaele Salahi ever be able to crash another White House function? What might be comical is that Desiree Rogers thinks her work as social secretary will be remembered as a success. Hardly, she will be remembered for one thing and one thing only. Having allowed individuals to get such close access to an Indian PM, the President and VP at a State Dinner.

Rogers, a friend of the First Couple for years, was one of the first Obama administration appointees.

“When I took on this assignment, we talked about the importance of creating the people’s house. My work was really to create this framework,” she told me.

“I think I completed that work. Our office has been able to lay the foundation for what will be known as the ‘people’s house’ and it has already taken shape.”

Terrific job? One can hardly claim a terrific job on one’s resume when the President of the United States has to run cover and prevented Rogers from testifying before Congress in Party Crasher-gate.

The lack of detail and afterward lack of accountability on her part has pretty much summed up the Obama Administration in a microcosm.

Maybe Obama’s next choice will actually be a social secretary instead of a Diva.  There is no way that in some part this resignation is not in apart due to the Salahi fiasco.

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