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February 07, 2010

Incumbent Arlen Specter Wins Democrat Support for PA Senate … Republican Toomay Ahead in Polls

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Does the Democrat Party not understand that the 2010 elections are anti-incumbent?

Did the Democrat Party just hand the Pennsylvania Senate seat to the Republicans in 2010? Arlen Specter, the incumbent once Republican now Democrat PA Senator just received the endorsement from the Pennsylvania Democratic Committee. The PNC endorsed 5 term Senator Specter over US Rep. Joe Sestak for the Senate nomination. Does it make sense to endorse the establishment candidate in an environment that is anti-establishment?

The Pennsylvania Democratic Committee on Saturday endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter over Rep. Joe Sestak for the Senate nomination, despite Specter’s recent conversion to the Democrats after 30 years as an elected Republican.

Specter garnered 77 percent of the committee vote, surpassing the 66 percent needed to gain the party’s nod.

“I am very thankful and grateful for the strong endorsement I received today from the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee,” Specter said.

The fact of the matter is … Specter’s attempt for a 6th term may not be a charm.  Sestak represented the non-establishment candidate for the Democrats.

Specter just nine short months ago was a Republican. One would think that the fix was in for Specter to win the Democrat endorsement otherwise, why would he ever have changed political parties? Will there be a Democrat/Independent backlash in the general election over a perceived deal with Specter, let alone the fact that he represents the old guard incumbency?

Sestak, Specter’s challenger, has complained bitterly that his party abandoned him for a GOP senator.

“The establishment has long made it known that it struck a deal to anoint the long-time Republican Senator.” Sestak said in a statement.

Pennsylvania Democrats have said for weeks that they expected Specter to win the endorsement, calling him a “survivor” and “our best chance to win.”

Arlen Specter was leading Democrat rival Joe Sestak by a wide margin in the polls; however, Specter’s real issue is with the Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomay. In the most recent Rasmussen poll, Toomay had opened up a 9% point lead over Specter, 49% to 40%.

Pat Toomay appears to be widening his lead against his most likely challenger, Arlen Specter. The five point increase from last months polling can most likely be attributed to Obamacare. Once again we see a state where a Democrat Senator refuses to listen to the voters. Only 41% favor Obamacare while 57% are opposed.

One has to wonder what Democrats are thinking. According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, voters in the Key Stone state, 57% opposed Obamacare while only 41% were in favor. Specter is looked upon as closely tied to President Obama and the unpopular health care bills from past Town Hall meetings in PA. Will this be Specter’s undoing and put him out to political pasture in 2010? All polling and political climate in the United States points to a Republican Senate pick up in Pennsylvania.

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