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January 28, 2010

State of President Barack Hussein Obama & Democrats … “TRUCKED”!

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SOTU … Obama in Wonderland is TRUCKED!

As America watched President Barack Hussein Obama give his first State of the Union address last night they could only have thought they were watching Alice in Wonderland, instead.

Following Obama’s political losses in Virginia, New Jersey and most recently Massachusetts, pundits figured that Barack Obama would shift to the center to govern as his policies and ideas have been soundly rejected by the American people. However, instead a defiant, delusional and tone deaf Obamacharged forward with his liberal and failed agenda.

Obama did not go to the middle, but instead rehashed the same tired and rejected political agenda that has his poll numbers at all time lows. He has no where to go, most idealoges do not. Following the Massachusetts victoty by Republican Scott Brown, the State of Obama is in a word … TRUCKED!


Pic Hat Tip: Vanderbilt – ’10

Barry claimed that Scott’s truck might not
take We the People where we wanted to
go, so don’t climb aboard with him. Perhaps
Obama would be better off in the truck with
Scott than in the position he finds himself
in today. Scott knows where we want to go
and it’s not where Barry wants to force us!

During his speech, Obama claims … “I don’t quit”. No, the reality is he does not listen. Obama does not care what We the People think or want.  Even after Scott Brown ran over Obama and health care with his truck, the President had the audacity to ask Congress to pass his health care plan.

Barack Obama did not learn from Democrat Gov. Corzine’s loss in New Jersey. Obama did not heed the warning from Virginia where Republican Bob Mc Donnell won in a landslide. After watching last night’s rather lame speech Barack Hussein Obama did not learn from Massachusetts and “the Scott heard Around the World” where Republicans did the unthinkable and won the Senate race in the Bay State. After all that, a delusional and defiant Barry O had the gaul last night to ask Congress to look at his Obamacare health care plan as well as Cap & Trade.

The People have spoken and they cannot stand this President’s agenda and polices. 61% of Americans want Congress to drop Obamacare altogethe and Obama is asking Congress to look at his failed health care bill. And the LEFT used to call Bush stupid.

Even the Washington Post discusses Obama’s reality problem. His refusal to abide by the wishes of the American people to scrap health care, scrap Cap & Trade and every other ridiculous stimulus plan just falls on deaf ears.

Washington may face a deficit of trust Mr. President, but you are Washington.  That lack of trust starts with your lies of transparency and debates being held on C-SPAN while you instead have back room deals with Union leaders and lobbyists. Those same lobbyists you said would never be a part of how your Administration operated.  Try as you might to think you are some type of outsider, you are the part of the problem. Only 29% of people think the country is going in the right direction.

The joke of this entire rambling speech by Obama can described as blah, blah, blah JOBS … blah, blah, blah NOT MY FAULT … blah, blah, blah, JOBS, blah, blah, blah … it’s Bush’s fault.

The end result of Obama’s unwillingness to change to the will of the American People is that come November 2010, it will be a Democrat political turkey shoot in the midterms. House and Senate losses by Democrats may just set records.

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