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October 28, 2009

Democrat Alan Grayson Calls Female Officials “Whores” … Obama Praises Him … Now the Unapology

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Looks like Democrat Rep Alan Grayson does not want the “Whore” vote.

How ironic is it that a politician call anyone a whore? This might as well been the joke of the week.

Democrat Neanderthal Alan Grayson is at it again. First he said that Republicans wanted Americans to die quickly. Now it would appear that Grayson is calling female officials “whores”. The individual that Grayson is referring to is Linda Robertson, an adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, a “K Street whore” in a month-old radio interview that circulated on Capitol Hill Monday night.

Listen to the comments HERE.

This K Street whore is trying to teach me about economic

But wait, it gets better. As the Gateway Pundit points out, even after Grayson made such comments that Republicans wanted Americans to die quickly, with regards to the GOP, “They probably wish that there was a Nobel Prize for fear, a Nobel prize for hatred, a Nobel prize for racism” and compared the GOP health care plan to the Holocaust and 9-11. Hot Air has Obama’s outstanding US Rep as well.

After all this, and with the “whore” comment to boot … President Barack Obama praises Alan Grayson. How many Presidents do you know have done this? I am sensing a 2012 President campaign ad in the making.

In the end Grayson stands by his comments and has his spokesperson parse words stating that the attack of on her professionally, not personally. Oh, Mr. Neanderthal like that makes a difference. One could say the same when Joe Wilson said that Obama lied. He was not attacking him personally, he was attacking the Obamacare policy.

“Alan Grayson’s latest comments are disgraceful, inappropriate and disrespectful to women,” RNC Co-Chairman Jan Larimer said, calling on Grayson to issue an apology.

That seems unlikely to happen. Todd Jurkowski, Grayson’s spokesman, sent an email to Hotsheet standing by the comment and further criticizing Robertson.

“Let’s be clear about the context,” he said. “The attack was on her professional career, not her personal life.”

Do the people of Grauson’s district really want to be represented by a “shock jock”? That’s all Grayson is. Do or say something ridiculously over the top and get headlines. Enough of the clown act Grayson, get serious or get going. However, Grayson appears to not want the “whore” vote.

Update: Grayson apologizes.

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