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May 23, 2005

John Leo on the Press

Posted in: General,Media

John Leo pulls no punches in his portrayal of the Mainstream Media and its attending culture. There is a change coming and the blogosphere will bring it about. No longer will the media be able to portray themselves as above the fray and non partisan. Their hidden partisanship is being forced to the surface, and it is not pretty.

This is the concluding paragraph of Leo’s article.

Time is running out on the newsroom monoculture. The public has many options now—as well as plenty of media watchdogs, both professional and amateur. So the press takes its lumps and loses readers. In March, a report on the state of the media by the Project for Excellence in Journalism said that in the past 17 years, Americans have “come to see the press as less professional, less moral, more inaccurate, and less caring about the interests of the country.” According to the report, fewer than half of Americans think of the press as highly professional (49 percent, down from 72 percent 17 years ago). Another finding was that coverage of George Bush during the presidential campaign was three times as negative as coverage of John Kerry (36 percent to 12 percent). If the press is that much out of sync with the country, its future looks very uncertain. Something has to change.

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