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May 19, 2005

Oh This Is Priceless; Prostitutes Exploited?

Posted in: Bizarre,Business,Fun,World

Spanish Unions look to save prostitutes from exploitation. But who will save them from the Unions?

Hundreds of thousands of prostitutes working in Spain urgently need labor rights to prevent them from being exploited, one of Spain’s most prominent union leaders said Wednesday.

“In a civilized country, we cannot tolerate a non-regulated sector where hundreds of thousands of people, particularly women and immigrants, are being exploited,” he told journalists ahead of a May 26 conference on rights for sex workers the union is organizing.

So the organization of a Union is going to cause prostitutes not to be exploited? Really. Don’t prostitutes already have unions? They are called pimps. Call it what ever you want there will always be exploitation, just a matter of where it comes from and what you call it.

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