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May 07, 2005

BlogNashville: A Respective Disagreement Session with (by) Dave Winer

Posted in: Bloggers,Main,Politics

And we are off!

Dave Winer is talking about the disagreements over the 2004 Election. The resolution of these disagreements in a respectful manner.

Jack Valenti and Larry Lessig . A Star Trek Episode, matter vs anti-matter.

How Do We Work With Each Other Without Burning Bridges? This is the topic.

Brings up Abortion, any one disagree with that? Some answers and Dave goes “Do you want to kick my ass?” large laugh..

Dave ” I am going to throw another bomb. You are all Rednecks”

Dave brings a very interesting voice to this discussion.

Stan Brown brings up the media as the villain in regional stereotypes. “Liberals believe Conservatives are wrong, and Conservatives believe Liberals are Evil.”

What things do we have in common?

Creativity and Passion are the common factors Frank Paynter says.

The discussion is getting heated. The comics, Cox and Muir, are debating with Dave about the topic. Stacy, thinks everyone should be put in separate rooms like 9 year olds… I may have misinterpreted this. Discussion turns into a discussion on Anger…

Stacy commented on my impression.

In reference to the 9-year-olds — I didn’t think they should be treated like nine-year-olds , more a metaphor for the need to ratchet it back, dial it down a notch … The other point I was trying to make is that in online discussion or a discussion in a room making a loud noise may get attention but it can skew the discussion . The trick is to get to equalize the volume and listen to what is being said, not simply to respond to the way it is being said.

POW!! … WAM!!! … BANG!!!

A Gentleman, says, To be a good lawyer, you have to be politely disagreeable. Disagree without being disagreeable.

A Judge needs to be fair.

We have another hour to go… Dave recognizes this, and we are all looking around.

Discussion is turning into the mechanics of being disagreeable.

Len Witt is talking about Jon Stewarts reaction to Crossfire. Thinks that the internet is making the division of people greater.

Stan Brown is saying Instanet is popular because he does not rise to the bait.

Dave thinks that we feel the wrath is because we are closer to the issues, and that we all react stronger.

Instapundit says the lawyer is John Jay Hooker is the Gentleman Lawyer I have been referencing.

The Kentucky Derby call goes off from Doug’s computer as a discussion about the value of confrontation on TV shows. Room laughs…

Conversation is deteriorating , Dave is angry.

Conversation is turning to the topic of polarization of America.

The rooms is too big to get everyones name. Some great points are being made on the far side.

Bill Hobbs is talking about the tone of the Blog. “If Bush is called Chimpy, I leave the site.” I do not link to sites that are rude.”

Stan Brown is saying that in former polite society, people who are rude were shunned.

John Jay Hooker says that the readers are the jury. If a lawyer alienates the jury, he loses a case.

Stan brings up the Hitler Rules for Usenet.

Liberal bloggers call out Conservatives when they are out of line, but not liberals. Conservative bloggers call out Liberals when they are out of line, but not conservatives. We need to get better at that.

I need some air… This is fast and furious..

Paul Chainey is saying that it is a bloggers right to be as disagreeable as they want. He says he is mannerly.

Dave says that 1% of the people are in the blogworld to figure out problems. 99% are here to cause trouble.

Paul is saying that blogosphere is where we all live, but we are all here. We need the face to face time to sort it all out.

Staci, ” Talk Radio is people who can say things they would get popped in a bar for saying.” If you can not say it face to face, do not post it.

Dave makes a great point. The flame throwers need to be cleaned out. from both sides. Conservatives need to police Conservatives. Liberals need to police Liberals.

Hoder is saying in Iran that the issues we are discussing are the same over there as it is over here.

Rebecca McKinnon is saying that Japanese and Chinese bloggers are having the same issues with each other.

John Jay Hooker is saying that we are all craving acceptance. The 1st amendment protects us all, but we should not have to listen the other fellow if you do not want to.

You can not call a Son of a Bitch a Son of a Bitch without calling a man a Son of a Bitch.

It is over,,, That is all I can say!

Update: Les Jones also blogged the experience.

Update 2: The Political Teen, who is great great kid and gentleman, has the video of part of the session. Take a look. Also, Glenn Reynolds has a lot more information and pictures.

And Cox and Forkum, who have the potential to be the next Thomas Nast, illustrate a passionate exchange between John Cox and Dave Winer. Great stuff.

Update 3: Dave Winer has posted about the session. Interesting reading. As we all do, he see’s the world through his own prism,

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