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April 11, 2005

More Liberal Humor. Or is it Hate?

Posted in: Bizarre,Bloggers,Politics

Tom delayIts just another example of that liberal tolerance. Its probably also another example why the Democrats will not win another election any time soon. Or possibly the reason why hate acts have become a common occurrence on college campuses?

Take a look at what they are selling these days in the name of humor. Or is it HATE? Hmm … telling a member of the US Government … “to please commit suicide.”


This coming from the same type of people representing the Democratic Party that brought us the comment that they wanted to see Henry Hyde stoned to death.

They are so proud of their T-shirt that look what happens now when you try to order it.

Hmmm … product cannot be found. I wonder why? Could the hate on the LEFT be any farther over the edge of insanity? Why would any common sense minded individual ever vote for candidates that these people back? Think about this the next time you vote.

With marketing like this is it any wonder why acts like this occur that Michelle Malkin writes about?

And here as well.

UPDATE: H/T: Byrd Droppings and Kitty Litter: Can we still order?

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