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June 02, 2007

4 Arrested in Terror Plot to Blow Up Jet Fuel at JFK Airport

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So there is no terror threat to the United States anymore, so said Democratic Presidential JFK Airportcandidate John Edwards. So Mr. Edwards, do you still think the “war on terror is just a bumper sticker”?

So our government and authorities are doing nothing to prevent terror threats to the US? So our country is no safer today than it was before 9–11? To all those detractors, maybe they want to rethink their comments. Four people were charged in a plot to blow up jet fuel at JFK airport.

Four people have been charged. Three suspects are in custody: Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrihim and Abdul Kadir. Abdul Nur is still at large.

Defreitas is to be arraigned Saturday in Brooklyn on terror conspiracy charges.

Sources said Defreitas, a former cargo worker at JFK allegedly began to plot attacking the US last July or August. Defeitas sought help in carrying out a plan and went to an FBI informant, who gathered information about the plot.

U.S. Attorney Roslynn R. Mauskopf called it “one of the most chilling plots imaginable.”

“The devastation that would be caused had this plot succeeded is just unthinkable,” she said at a news conference. (MSNBC)



4 charged in JFK Airport terror plot

An official said the plotters had conducted surveillance on giant jet fuel tanks at JFK and the pipeline. They had taken surveillance video of the targets and took it to Trinidad to review the tape, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the arrests were not yet announced.

The official said investigators first found out about the plot in January 2006. After that, an informant infiltrated the group.

“This was the ultimate hand-and-glove operation between NYPD and FBI,” said U.S. Rep. Peter King, a Republican from Long Island.

The arrests mark the latest in a series of alleged home grown terrorism plots targeting high-profile American landmarks. (Yahoo News)

Um, easy with that term “home grown” terrorism MSM. Home grown refers to those born in the US, not those that were born elsewhere and infiltrated the US by becoming US citizens. I hardly see any Smith orJones among the following names: Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrihim, Abdul Kadir and Abdul Nur.  

More from Little Green FootballsQ and O, and The Counter Terrorism blog. The complaint can be read HERE.

ABC News, Feds Claim to Bust N.Y. Airport Terror Plot
Former Airport Cargo Worker Allegedly Plotted to Bomb Fuel Lines at JFK Airport in N.Y.

Authorities have arrested a former member of Guyana’s parliament and a former cargo worker at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City who allegedly recruited an FBI informant to help blow up jet fuel tanks and a fuel pipeline at the airport, law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Fox News, Three Arrested, 1 Sought in Terror Plot on New York City’s JFK Airport

CNN, 4 charged with terror plot at JFK airport

The Justice statement said the men began planning the assault on January 6. A complaint alleges that the plot tapped into an international network of Muslim extremists from the United States, Guyana and Trinidad.

Update from The Captain’s Quarters: It doesn’t appear that this is a home-grown plot, either

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