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April 09, 2007

Global Cooling Killing Baby Otters

Posted in: Media

Global_coolingThe anecdotal evidence that global cooling is occuring this past week has led to the death of cute baby otters. The otters are endangered species that are dying due to the unseasonal cold weather that Alaska has been experiencing.

While the media has been obsessing about polar bears on naturally forming ice flows they have missed the stories of unusual cold weather killing the adorable otters. But if it does not fit into the coventional wisdom blue print of the mainstream media, it is not a story. Right?

Partially enclosed by spits of land, the bay hardened into a solid surface of ice this winter after a cold spell — beginning in January and lasting through March — dropped temperatures to zero and below, he said.
Average winter temperatures usually hover in the 20s, producing only ice floes, he said. Spring temperatures have recently melted snow off tundra and opened cracks in the frozen bay miles from shore, but the sea otters are still coming on land.
Kosbruk shot one on land Thursday that was about 200 yards from the sea.
Three weeks ago, he watched with binoculars as about 35 gathered in a small sea-ice hole several hundred yards off shore, he said. They took turns diving for food. Eagles fed on about seven carcasses lying around the hole.
Sea otters dive for several minutes at a time, and they’re voracious eaters. They rely on their super-dense fur for warmth instead of the blubber that protects other marine mammals. They normally eat the equivalent of 25 percent of their body weight daily. via adn.com

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