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February 26, 2007

Al Gore Love-fest at Oscars, “An Inconvenient Truth” wins Best Documentary

Posted in: Celebrity,Hollywood,Politics,Presidential Election 2008

It was the worst kept secret in Hollywood as to who would win “Best Documentary”.  No other documentaries need apply for that Oscar category. The Oscars did not fail. Between pre-hype and during the all too long show, it was a Gore love-fest from start to finish and after into the early hours of the morning. The Oscars as some have stated were a  bore and a horror.

During his speech last night Al Gore made the following comment, “It’s not a political issue. It’s a moral issue.” See the video at Think Progress. Really, its not political? I would ask  some very important questions to Al Gore if he states its not political:

  1. If Global warming is not a political issue then why are other emerging nations such as China looked upon in a different manner than the US?
  2. This question hits on the point that many are asking Al Gore to run in 2008. If global warming is the #1 issue of our time and Al Gore is the lead dog of this movement, for what reason would Al Gore not run for President? If he truly cared about affecting a change then wouldn’t being President of the United States give him that greatest opportunity to do so? Then why isn’t he running then?
  3. Also in  his 30 year quest as mentioned last night in a global warming fight how come Al Gore did not do more in his 8 years as VP under Clinton? Hmm?

After winning “Best Documentary”, Al Gore used the platform to once again promote an environmental plug for global warming. First it was awarding the Dixie Chicks at the Grammy’s for their anti-war/GWB agenda and now The Oscars  giving  Al Gore with his  global warming agenda the prize. At what point does the credibility of these award shows go down the drain for not one of merit, but of political ideology? No one in their right mind thinks that Melissa Etheridge’s song, “I Need to Wake Up”  was better than anything that was nominated from Dream Girls. Not even close.

“An Inconvenient Truth,” which turned Gore’s lectures on the threat of global warming into a highly touted theatrical release, won the Academy Award for best documentary feature Sunday night.

Singer Melissa Etheridge also received the Oscar for best original song, “I Need to Wake Up,” which was written for the movie. (CNN)

A terrific round up at Hot Air with video and commentary.

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