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January 27, 2012

Joe Biden Claims that Democrats Will Take Back the House in 2012

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Vice President Joe Biden predicted that Democrats would take back the House of Representatives in 2012. Of course what else is he supposed to say? While addressing House Democrats gathered for their annual retreat on on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. However, the idea of putting the gavel back in the hands of Nancy Pelosi should be enough for most everyone to never have Democrats control the House again. Of course this is the same Biden that said prior to the 2010 elections that saw the GOP win big, “the death of the Democrat party has been greatly exaggerated”.  Hey Joe, how did that work out for you and the Democrat party?

House Democrats will win the House in November, swinging the gavel back into the hands of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Vice President Biden predicted Friday.

“Nancy, I think, is not going to be remembered just for being the first woman Speaker,” Biden said, “she’s going to remembered for being the second woman Speaker.”

Addressing House Democrats gathered on the Eastern Shore for their annual retreat, Biden said the combination of GOP obstructionism and a strengthening economy will propel the Democrats back into control of the lower chamber after just two years in the minority.

For Democrats to take back the House they will need to have a net 25 wins more than the GOP. Sorry, but such a win would need the effort of a “wave” election. That is hardly going to happen when partisan Barack Obama is up for reelection and and the GOP is poised to take back the US Senate in 2012. Barack Obama is still under 50% in job approval, the economy still mired in a pathetic recovery, unemployment high, record number of people on food stamps and the President’s signature piece of legislation Obamacare hated … its hard to believe there will be any coattails. Also, the GOP still holds an edge in the Generic Congressional ballot.

As stated by Larry Sabato of the Crystal Ball, in order for Democrats to win back the House, President Obama will need to win next year, and that probably won’t be enough. What Democrats really need is a poisonous, damaged Republican nominee who not only loses to Obama but causes harm down the ticket. With so much on the line, a Presidential race and the Democrats having so many Senate races to defend, its hard to imagine the Donkeys will win back the House.

There is no truth to the rumor that Biden made the prediction with an Indian accent.

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