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October 26, 2006

Andy Taylor Says Bye Bye to Duran Duran

Posted in: Bizarre,Celebrity,Fun

To be honest with you, who knew they were even together? However, it appears that Andy RockstarTaylor, the bands founding guitarist,  has left the band  right before Duran Duran begins a set of US dates. I am not sure if I am reminded of Spinal Tap or Rock Star by these actions and comments from these aging rock stars

A statement on the group’s Web site said the relationship with Taylor had become unworkable.

“The four of us have dissolved our partnership and will be continuing as Duran Duran without Andy,” said the statement.

“We have reached a point in our relationship with him where there is an unworkable gulf between us and we can no longer effectively function together,” it said without giving any further details.

Obviously Andy Taylor forgot Chris “Izzy” Cole’s words of wisdom to live by in the music world …

You know, I’m just a regular guy who grew up with the posters of these guys on my wall… and now I’m one of them! That’s right, I’m standing here, living proof that if you work hard enough, and you want it bad enough… dreams do come true. So follow your dreams…

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