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August 11, 2011

Jay Carney Defends Obama’s Vacation, Obama’s Trip to Martha’s Vineyard isn’t a Vacation

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When is a vacation to Marth’s Vineyard  not a vacation … When you are Barack Obama of course. The excuses for the out of touch president continues.

As the American economy burns, the European faltering economies lay in the balance, jobs for Americans are no where to be found and America cannot endure any more debt, Barack Obama decides to take a vacation on the tax payers dime to “life styles of the rich and famous” destination of Martha’s Vineyard.  Doesn’t this speak volumes of Barack Obama. Yesterday, Jake Tapper of ABC News questioned White House mouth piece Jay Carney as to O’s vacation. Of course Carney had an excuse for everything.Carney said,“no such thing as a Presidential vacation”.  Really Jay, that’s not what you said when GWB was in office. As PJ Media states, the internet search engines are so unforgiving and they never forget.

Jake Tapper, ABC News: “You said the President will not rest until the joblessness and the economy are worked out, but the President is obviously going on vacation. But I was wondering, Is there any concern — I understand that it takes two to tango in Washington. We went over that the other day. You need the Congress to be in Washington. We went over that the other day about whether or not you guys should call Congress to come back. Is there any concern about the impression that the President going to Martha’s Vineyard for 9 or 10 days might leave on the American people? And also, if this is such an important issue for Speaker Boehner, for Harry Reid, for President Obama, why the R&R?”

I have to agree with the Lonely Conservative, even though it looks so bad that in a time of such economic peril for Americans and they crave a leader to step forward, Obama opts for a vacation instead. However, at least an Obama on vacation cannot do any more damage. Maybe if he shuts up and stays away from making speeches telling the US and the world that all is well with the economy that the markets will not fall another 400 points in reaction to his feeble words.

Even though the world economy is on fire, unemployment is over 9% and we are on the verge … it does not prevent Obama from the priorities in his life of golfing, vacations and fund raisers.When perception is everything in politics, how does a President just go on vacation as millions and millions of Americans not only cannot go on a vacation, but cannot go to a job either?

I am guessing that we will hear next that it is George W. Bush’s fault that Obama had to go on vacation. America, I beg you … in 2012 let’s all send Obama on a permanent vacation and run him out of office on a rail in a most decisive way.


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