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April 22, 2011

CBS News/New York Times Poll: 63% Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling

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An overwhelming majority of American people want Obama and the federal government to get their act in gear, spend within their means, reduce the deficit and stop spending like drunken sailors.

According to a recent CBS News/New York Times poll, 63% of Americans oppose raising the debt limit while only a meager 27% support raising it. 83% of Republicans oppose raising the debt limit; however, more importantly to Barack Obama and Democrats, 64% of independents oppose the continued irresponsible spending of the powers that be. As stated at Hot Air, after months of Obama minions going out on to talk shows and communicating to We the People ala Chicken Little that t the sky is falling … they are either failing or the people are not buying it.

Despite Obama administration warnings that failing to do so would devastate the economy, a clear majority of Americans say they oppose raising the debt limit, a new CBS News/New York Times poll shows.

Just 27 percent of Americans support raising the debt limit, while 63 percent oppose raising it.

Eighty-three percent of Republicans oppose raising the limit, along with 64 percent of independents and 48 percent of Democrats. Support for raising the debt limit is just 36 percent among Democrats, and only 14 percent among Republicans.

Obama, the Dems and Libs cannot say that the poll is skewed, because this is a partisan Rasmussen poll against raising the debt ceiling. Take a good look … a CBS News/New York Times poll. Although, speaking of Rasmussen, only 22% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction. Yikes! What will come of this standoff. However, as Patterico Pontifications points out, will the GOP have the guts to actually make a stand and do the right thing for the people and future generations to come? The answer probably is not, if the past means anything. When will this party ever get a spine? How many elections must go by before “We the People” flush the party of the useless Republicans?

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