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March 02, 2011

TSA Allows Box Cutters to Get Through Airport Security at JFK and on Plane

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Hey TSA, You’ve come a long way baby … NOT!

The TSA has egg on their face and box cutters on a plane in the wake of the security screw up at New York’s JFK International Airport. The TSA allowed three box cutter to get through security on an individuals carry on luggage. NICE! I guess the TSA was too busy patting down old ladies, fondling young children, touching people’s junk and taking naked pics of folks.

Obviously the TSA has completely forgot why they were even created in the first place after terrorist brought box cutters on planes on September 11, 2001 and forever changed America. The incidentoccured on Saturday as Eusebio D. Peraltalajara of  Jersey City, NJ walked right past screeners and on to his Dominican Republic bound flight. The box cutters were discovered when the passenger went to store his luggage fell out.

A passenger managed to waltz past JFK’s ramped-up security gantlet with three boxcutters in his carry-on luggage — easily boarding an international flight while carrying the weapon of choice of the 9/11 hijackers, sources told The Post yesterday.

The stunning breach grounded the flight for three hours Saturday night and drew fury from Port Authority cops, who accused the Transportation Security Administration of being asleep on the job.

“In case anyone has forgotten, the TSA was created because of a couple boxcutter incidents,” said one PAPD source, referring to the weapons used by al Qaeda operatives to commandeer the jets they later slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11.

But wait, the TSA says that the agents that made this colossal gaffe “will all be disciplined and undergo remedial training.” REMEDIAL TRAINING!!! Maybe that was the problem in the first place. How about they receive security training that does not consist of connect-the-dots and coloring books. GEEZ!

Seriously, how does one allow not one, not two, but three box cutters to get through a TSA security check point? Remedial training … these people should be fired. Maybe the TSA folks are too busy looking at naked image pics and feeling people up, than they are simply looking at an x-ray image of luggage.

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