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November 26, 2010

BCS Fiasco … What If Auburn & Oregon Lose While Boise St and TCU Win Out?

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Could it be BCS Armageddon today?

Today I am the biggest Alabama and Arizona fan, not so much because I dislike Auburn, even though I think they are overrated. Nor do I dislike Oregon, although I can’t stand their video game offense. They both need to lose so that we can have the BCS in complete disarray to have a playoff system finally implemented in Division I college football.

The BCS and the arrogant BCS qualifying conferences are on the verge of having an uninvited guest at the party. Presently the Oregon Ducks out of the PAC10 and the Auburn Tigers from the SEC are numbers 1 and 2 in the BCS rankings. However … this Thanksgiving holiday NCAA college football weekend could be a major headache for the BCS powers that be. Boise St and more importantly Alabama and Arizona might just throw a monkey wrench in the BCS.

My personal opinion is that Alabama will beat Auburn. Handily might I add. The defending National Champions did not win the SEC West this year and will have no better motivation than to defeat Auburn in the “Iron Bowl”. ROLL TIDE!!!

What is both Auburn and Oregon lose and become a one loss team, while Boise St and TCU become #1 and #2 in the BCS rankings? What to do? Imagine the screaming, crying, whining and belly aching that will come from the major conferences.

If #3 Boise St beats #19 Nevada, then there should be no reason why the ”Blue” smurf turf BSU Broncos should not go to #2.  Game on as they would have the inside track to a BCS National Championship game.

UPDATE I: YIKES … The Crimson Tide of Alabama have gone out to a 14-0 lead over the Tigers. I can hear Keith Jackson from his home saying … Whoa Nellie!!! The Auburn defense is as advertised, non-existent.

UPDATE II: Alabama scores again … make it 21-0 Bama … ROLL TIDE!!!

UPDATE III: Alabama 24 – Auburn 0

Half Time: Total Domination. At the half Bama leads 24 – 7 over Auburn, although they should be up 38-7 but for dropped passes and turnovers. Will this come back to bite Bama? Alabama as leads in total yards, 379 to 87. It has been a total mismatch in the first half. One must ask them self who is the Heisman candidate? Cam Newton passing 5-10, 97 yards, 1 TD and 9 carries and -10 yards. Meanwhile Tide QB Greg McElroy is 19-23, 335 yards and 3 TD’s all just in the first half.

Whether Auburn ever gets their offense in gear is one question, but how is the Tiger defense going to stop anyone? Thus the reason why I never wanted to see them in a BCS Championship game against an offense like Oregon.

UPDATE IV:Well Alabama’s screw ups in the first half let Auburn back in the game. They could have finished off Auburn in the first half, instead they let them hang around and now the score is Alabama 24, Auburn 21. The Tide better get their act in gear or Sabin is looking at a 3 loss season in SEC play.

UPDATE V: Let’s call it for what it is … THIS SUCKS! Auburn wins 28-27 as Alabama allows the Tigers to win. UNREAL. This game was lost in the 1st half. Never would I ever think that Bama would let a team roll over them in the second hald on their home field. Bear Bryant just rolled over in his grave.

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