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October 06, 2010

Terminate This … Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Obama Likely to Get Re-Elected in 2012

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Hey Arnold … “He won’t be back”.

The Terminator says that Obama will likely be re-elected President in 2012. Schwarzenegger, you mean The One “will be back”? Hardly, this is not the movies and it is real life and no one is saying unemployment is going to go below 8% in the next two years. Also, the momentum from the 2010 midterm elections of changing from an Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda will not yet be complete. The Obama Presidency has been nothing short of a disaster and a continuation of Jimmy Carter’s second term as President had he not been stopped by Ronald Reagan.

RINO Personified

This is mighty big talk from the RINOATOR. In 2012 Obama will have to defend Obamacare, wasteful stimulus spending, record deficits, illegal immigration, Cap & Tax … all of which he is on the wrong side of “We the People”. Democrats distanced themselves from Obama in 2010, The One certainly cannot distance himself from himself.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is certain that President Barack Obama will get re-elected in two years — even if his own party, the conservative Republicans, turn out to be the victors in midterm Congressional elections in November.

“I assume that Obama will get a second term in office,” Schwarzenegger told SPIEGEL. Schwarzenegger apparently doesn’t believe the Republicans will succeed in finding a challenger capable of securing a victory against Obama. If Obama’s Democrats lose their current majority in the House of Representatives — a development expected by many — Schwarzenegger says it could actually provide a boost to the US president’s prospects for re-election.

“Obama can watch this casually, knowing that afterwards he will be in a much better position,” he said.

Hmm, is Schwarzenegger saying that Obama has sacrificed Democrats in the House and Senate for his own politcal gain? Is the talk of Hillary Clinton replacing Biden as VP on the 2012 ticket supposed to wow the voters? The only reason why Obama would ever consider this is if his poll numbers were in the 30′s and if they were, why would Hillary ever want to get on a sinking ship?

Exit Question: To my Republican brethren, remember when Arnold became the Governator of CA and when people wanted to change the 14 Amendment to the US Constitution to allow non-natural born American citizens to run for President? How do you feel about that now?

What a disappointment Arnold turned out to be.

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