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November 20, 2005

Clint Van Zandt discusses Why some say Natalee Holloway may still be alive

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From the outset of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Clint Van Zandt has done some of the best reporting on the tragic and at most times confusing events surrounding the disappearance. Read more of Van Zandt’s thoughts into the Dr. Phil thoughts that Natalee Holloway may still be alive theory. Clint Van Zandt met with Beth Twitty prior to the show and said the following. (full article)

Before we went on camera, Beth and I sat together. She was cold and shaking, and she’d obviously lost some weight since I first met her in Aruba this summer. As I put my arm around her I said, “Beth, you know that statistically Natalee is probably dead.” (We had discussed this in Aruba.) “I know,” she said, “but I can’t give up hope.”

Then Clint Van Zandt said one of the most profound comments that all should remember. Not just about Natalee Holloway, but a comment to all families, friends and individuals that have been affected by a missing person’s case.

“I told her as long as we all remembered Natalee, she’d never be lost”.

Everyone must remember this is about a missing teenage girl and a family’s efforts to not only deal with that tragedy but also the less than stellar performance of an investigation to find answers. All the hate aside, all the condemnation of the family aside which there has been far too much of in this missing person’s case as compared to others; its about a missing person and as Van Zandt says most likely a dead teenage girl.

A family’s desperation to find their daughter can be explained by their actions and what they do or say. What can’t be explained is the hate that has come from this missing person’s case that is no where seen in any other case. This hate existed long before any boycott ever existed.

Remember what Clint Van Zandt said on the Abrams Report, November 17, 2005. Does anyone ever want to be put in this position? How would you act or react if you ever were? The family of a missing person and of a missing child has an excuse as to how they act. What is everyone else’s?

But I sat there between the Bradley’s and between Beth, both that are desperately clinging on some type of hope that their daughter’s alive. And at this point, I think any of them would consider any hope… ( full transcript)

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