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November 04, 2005

Other Missing Persons in The News

Posted in: Missing Persons,Olamide Adeyooye,Search and Recovery,Tara Grinstead,Texas Equusearch

Tara Grinstead Investigation: Anita Gattis; “her sister left the house under her own will and then something went very wrong after that.

Missing teen, Amanda Bien, could be with gypsies

Man held in Atlanta, Maurice Lashon Wallace, now called suspect in the death of Olamide Adeyooye

Missing Boy Priest Willis Found safe and sound with Homeless couple

William (Bill) Rossey, 63-year-old man, Missing since October 29, 2005

Remains Identified As Rita Evacuee, Sheril Susan Moore. Texas Equusearch Finds Remains

Aaron Brooks, 15, Missing Since October 26, 2005

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