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June 27, 2005

Afternoon Update

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

Riehl World has some updates.

Just had a communication from Aruba – search dogs have gotten a “hit” in quarry near the Van der Sloot house, dive team being rounded up.

On Fox News, Angela Munzenhofer from Aruba Today, say that she spoke with Steven Croes, and that he says all he did was over hear a conversation that Deepak was having on the telephone. He went to the police to tell them and was arrested.

UPDATE:: We have word from multiple sources that divers are in the water at a quarry near the Van Der Sloots home. There are evidence flags up around the area. We will post as more information is available.

” I knew that I was innocent, but I got myself in something without thinking how big it could get. ”
Steve Croes on Top 95, the most popular station in Aruba. Thanks ArubaGirl!

Update 3: 21:00 Confirmation was received that nothing was found at the Quarry search site.

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