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December 07, 2009

Barack Obama Slips to a New Low of 47% in Gallup Poll

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Christmas is the season of giving and Barack Obama continues to give away job approval percentage points. In the most recent Gallup poll (Dec. 4-6 polling), President Barack Hussein Obama has slipped to a new job approval low of 47%. It is starting to become a consistent trend across all polling that The Chosen One is now under 50% for job approval.


How Low Can He Go

Barack Obama’s presidential job approval rating is 47% in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, a new low for his administration to date. His approval rating has been below 50% for much of the time since mid-November, but briefly rose to 52% last week after he announced his new Afghanistan policy.

Any slight bump in support Obama received coincident with his new Afghanistan policy proved to be very short-lived, as his approval rating returned to below the majority level by the weekend, and slipped further to 47% in Dec. 4-6 polling.

If we take only December’s Obama polling averages from Real Clear Politics, Obama finds himself at 48% approve, 48.7% disapprove. This is the first time that the average job approval rating has been a negative, RUT-ROH!

Obama finds himself at -11 in the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking poll, it is the 19th straight polling day in a row that The One is in negative double digits. With Obamacare polling at 51% disapprove and 41% approve, The Obamamessiah and Democrats continue to force the unpopular legislation down the throats of Americans. Obama will also go to Copenhagen in the midst of Climate-gate and act as if there is no scandal in an effort to praise man-made global warming. All these most unpopular efforts will cause Obama’s poll numbers to crater even more.

At some point Democrats really need to ask themselves why they are going out on a limb for a President hovering near 40% approval.

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