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June 08, 2005

Natalee Holloway, Updates June 8, 2005

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8:30 am EDT – CNN
Two suspects lawyers say their clients are accused of murder,but vow they are innocent.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) — The lawyer for two men held in Aruba in the disappearance of an 18-year-old Alabama student says his clients stand accused of homicide.

The two men, who are hotel security guards, are to appear in court Wednesday, when prosecutors could lay out the case against them. They have not been formally charged.

Prosecutors on Tuesday ordered the two men to remain detained, saying there was “reasonable suspicion” the men were involved in “certain criminal acts.”

The men’s lawyer, Chris Lejuez, told CNN that his clients are accused of homicide, being accomplices to homicide and kidnapping leading to homicide in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, who vanished in the early hours of May 30 while on a celebratory senior trip to Aruba with her classmates.

Lejuez said prosecutors are looking at his clients as possible murder suspects, but he vowed they are innocent.

“They had not been near the hotel at that hour at that time,” he said. “So, there is no reason for them to have to admit to something that they did not do.”

He added that he has not been able to see the full statements his clients have allegedly made to police.

One of the reasons why we need to wait to hear all the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

According to WOAI (San Antonio), “The two men police are holding deny any connection to her“.

9:00 am – Birmingham News

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Two men arrested in the disappearance of a Mountain Brook teen are expected to appear before a judge today.

They face possible charges that include murder, homicide and kidnapping resulting in death, said their court-appointed attorney, Chris Lejuez.

Under the legal system in Aruba, prosecutors can propose a range of charges and may add more later, he said. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office would not comment on what crimes the men are accused of, but said they have not been formally charged.

Lejuez confirmed that his clients had been recently laid off by the Allegro, which had changed its security contract. He said they had no prior criminal record, although one of the two was detained for being involved in a fight.

On Sunday, a police source told The Birmingham News that the two men were known drug dealers. On Tuesday, police spokesman Papito Comemencia said he could not comment.

Defense attorneys will argue the following at hearing today:

Lejuez said he plans to argue that prosecutors cannot prove Holloway was slain unless they can produce a body. “They have been charged with something that the prosecution cannot prove happened,” he said.

At today’s hearing, which will be closed to the public, Judge J.S. Kuiperdal is expected to determine whether police can continue to detain the two suspects. If he rules in the prosecution’s favor – and Lejuez says that happens in 99 percent of cases – the men may be held for an another seven days before they must appear before a judge once more.

Although the men have been informed of the crimes they may face, they will not be formally indicted until the investigation is complete and prosecutors are ready to go to trial, van der Biezen said.

10:30 am – Fox News: One of the suspects is in a hearing right now in Aruba. Suspects name has been provided 28 year old Abraham Jones and 30-year-old Nicky John.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba — An Aruba judge would likely rule Wednesday whether authorities have enough evidence to continue holding two former security guards in connection with the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.

One of the suspects, 28-year-old Abraham Jones, appeared in court around 10:30 a.m. EDT. The other was named as 30-year-old Nicky John, though the spelling of his name couldn’t immediately be confirmed.

UPDATE: 12:30 pm EDT
From CNN, Judge orders suspects to be held in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) — An Aruba judge ruled Wednesday that there was enough evidence to detain the two men suspected in the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway.

The ruling allows authorities to hold the men, identified as Nick John and Abraham Jones, for eight days.

The two men, both hotel security guards, had been expected to make court appearances Wednesday, but the judge decided instead to visit the men in jail because of publicity surrounding the case. The men were being held separately on opposite sides of the island.

Led by a tip, police on Sunday arrested Jones and John in the oil-refining town of San Nicolas. Chris Lejuez, the defense attorney for one of the men, told CNN that authorities have mentioned charging the men, ages 28 and 30, with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, and kidnapping leading to death.

“Both of them are very concerned,” he said. “They are nervous. They know they are being suspected of something very heavy, very serious, but they are confident, both of them. And they have shown that confidence to me, that they very categorically deny being involved in this case.”

From Fox News, mother of one of the suspects thinks her son is being framed.

Both suspects have said they were nowhere near the blonde honors student’s hotel on the Caribbean island the night she vanished — so far without a trace.

Jones’ mother told FOX News outside the courtroom that her son was at home sick the night in question. She also said she thought her son and the other suspect in custody were being framed.

Jones’ girlfriend, Cynthia De Graf, also said he was innocent.

1:15 pm – From America’s Most Wanted. (Missing Person’s)

“They both say that during the time” of the disappearance, “they were not at the (girl’s) hotel and they don’t know this girl,” Lejuez told The Associated Press.

Update: 3:00pm
The Riehl World has an amazing story that will make one think. WOW.

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