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September 10, 2009

Obamacare: Lipsticking the Heathcare Reform Pig … What Ever Happened to the Uniter Obama that was Promised?

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Healthcare reform in the United States according to Barack Obama … Lipsticking a Pig.


The American people need to look no farther with regards to how government would handle healthcare reform that the 15 delay to listen to Obama’s speech. Did anyone see the irony? Get used to it with government run healthcare. Why is Obama reinventing the wheel with a complete overhaul when it is not needed?

One thing is for certain, Barack Obama has never been part of corporate America and ever given a power point presentation to execs that demand you get to the point in a timely manner. His speech went on far to long and once again failed on details; however, reiterated much of the same old talking points. Let’s help Obama out. Healthcare reform in the United States can be started right now, not four years from now … right this second to help those out who cannot afford insurance coverage.


Tort Reform should not be a pilot program, it should be implemented immediately. Ridiculous law suits, defensive medicine and out of control malpractice insurance have greatly added unnecessary cost to healthcare. However, would Obama really bite the hand that feeds him with the Trial lawyers

If Barack Obama is willing to create a pool of insurance carriers then there should be no reason not to allow insurance carriers to compete across state lines for insureds. What better form of competition that companies that are ready, willing and waiting to sign up new insureds. The competition would end insurance monopolies in  states like Alabama and California and reduce insurance premiums immediately.

In the end, if the rest of the population that cannot afford healthcare that the President referred to still exits, why can’t that small number be added to Medicaid?

The question is, did the speech help Barack Obama? Remember America, this is not about Obama’s legacy, this is about your future.

In all that you heard last night during Obama’s far too long, rambling speech, did you once hear that he has heard the American people speak over the summer and has heard their words? Nope! Not once did President Barack Obama acknowledge the dissent of the will of “We the People” which explains his sinking poll numbers. In other words, he could care less about you.

 In the end Obama’s healthcare reform speech mulligan was once again the same speech as all the previous ones, been there, done that. Although this time Barack shamefully brought out the win one for Teddy Kennedy card.

Remember when Barack Obama said he was open to ideas from his friends across the aile in the Republican party? Well then why hasn’t “The One” not met with GOP leaders since April to discuss healthcare? How can a President claim that he is looking for all ideas when it comes to healthcare reform when Obama has avoided Republicans and has made claims that they have no ideas on the matter?

However, what did we get from Obama when a majority of the people are against his plans? He made a threat that, “If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.” Doesn’t this sound like an attempt to squelch free speech for anyone who would dare oppose Barack Obama? This smacks of the snitching on your neighbors email that the President’s minions devised that was a loser. Just an FYI Mr. President … when you misrepresent the truth, we will call you out on it as well.

In the end, are Red State Democrats willing to give up their seats for this liberal President?

Remember when Barack Obama said that this was a means to an end? America, remember what this President has said in the past as to what his ultimate goal really is. It is always about a means to an end.

“I happen to be a proponent of the Single Payer Option”


This President is making this reform much more difficult than it need be. Maybe he cannot completely get his message across to the people, because the full message is opposed by “We the People”.

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