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May 23, 2005

Karzai rips Newsweek

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From Drudge:

Afghan President Rips NEWSWEEK Gossip: PRESIDENT KARZAI: Of course, we are as Muslims very much unhappy with Newsweek bringing a matter so serious in the gossip column. It’s really something that one shouldn’t do, that responsible journalism shouldn’t do at all. But Newsweek story is not America’s story. That’s what — that’s what we understand in Afghanistan…

So how does the Washington Post report it? The Post buries this part of the story after using a quote a couple of days old.

Karzai commented on recent reports of abuse of Afghan prisoners by their American captors. “We are of course sad about that,” he said, speaking in fluent English. But, he added, “It does not reflect on the American people.” Similarly, a report _ later retracted _ in Newsweek magazine earlier this month that alleged mistreatment of the Quran by American prison guards does not reflect American values, Karzai said. While claiming the original report was not responsible journalism, Karzai said, “Newsweek’s story is not America’s story. That’s what we understrand in Afghanistan.”

And ends the article in this way:

Recent anti-American protests across Afghanistan killed at least 15 people and threatened a security crisis for Karzai’s feeble central government. The White House blamed the May 9 Newsweek report for igniting the violence.

So now the story is about the White House blaming incidents on Newsweek, not Newsweek causing them, and they occurred because the Afgan government in feeble. What a load of crap these people are serving in Washington. The POST and NEWSWEEK have the same owners and all we see is DAMAGE CONTROL, not reporting.

And then they say we should trust them, right. Forget about it.

The Love America over there and are unbiased. See Picture!

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