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February 15, 2009

IRRESPONSIBLE CHANGE: What Was the Rush to Sign the $787 Billion Stimulus Plan … So Obama’s Could Have Weekend Off?

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Change you can believe in … irresponsible rush to judgment in signing away our children’s future.

Why would anyone rush to sign something before actually responsibly reading what they Obama_bar_mic_chicagowere signing. Are not we always told to read the fine print before signing? Is not part of the sub-prime mortgage problem the fact that individuals had no idea what they were signing and what rates would balloon to? Who can honestly say, whether you be a Republican, Democrat or Independent that a rush to judgment and signing what has never been read is responsible to “We the People”?

Obama used all the finesse of a used car salesman rushing this piece of legislation through Congress. Buyer beware when one makes you try to commit to something before you are ready to responsibly act.

What was Obama’s rush to sign the $787 Billion Stimulus plan? Why the phony rush to sign such an enormous spending bill that will affect generations for years to come? Was it because he was afraid that law makers may actually read the over 1000 pages before they actually signed it? Are you actually afraid that they might actually read it? Was it because Nancy Pelosi had to catch a plane to Rome, Italy on Friday night?

Maybe it was because as the New York Post wrote, it’s Barack and Michelle Obama had to get out of town for Valentine’s Day weekend. Obama plans to spend the Presidents’ Day weekend in Chicago, IL, and is not expected to sign the bill until Tuesday of nest week. So why the rush? I guess we must remember what is important as minions, and it’s not us. Why was it so imperative that Congress not be given ample time to actually read such an important piece of legislation? Was the economy going to collapse over the weekend?

After pushing Congress for weeks to hurry up and pass the massive $787 billion stimulus bill, President Obama promptly took off for a three-day holiday getaway.

Obama arrived at his home in Chicago on Friday, and treated wife Michelle to a Valentine’s Day dinner downtown last night. The couple was spotted leaving upscale Table Fifty-Two, which specializes in Southern cuisine, with the first lady toting what appeared to be a doggie bag.

As stated at Sistertoldja, remember the old saying: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Some how that’s not how the saying is supposed to be. However, this is Obama politics and the MSM will never call him on it.

Ilan Kayatsky , spokesperson for NY Rep Jerrold Nadler sais, “In a perfect world it would have been nice to have had more time to process it.” Which begs the question … what was the rush to actually responsibly read the bill over the weekend from start to finish and vote on it early nest week?

The political rush to sign this stimulus (SPENDING) plan has all the similarities of what Democrats have been whining about for 8 years. They claim that GWB pushed through the WMD’s and war with Iraq in the same way. I would ask, what is the difference? Folks, do you realize that this spending plan is close to a trillion dollars, THAT’S WITH A “T”.

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