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April 25, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI ; MSM Misleads Us Again

Posted in: Media

Since the election of Pope Benedict XVI the media has done nothing but print negative stories even comparing the Pope to Nazi’s. The MSM in the United States would have had us believe that a majority of Americans were against the Pope’s election. They claimed that Americans wanted a moderate or liberal Pope that was going to make the Catholic Church more user friendly. The media claimed that Americans were against Pope Benedict XVI.

A funny thing happened on the way to printing more negative and bias stories. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 81% of American Catholics approve of the pope’s election.

American Catholics are responding with support if not great enthusiasm to the selection of Pope Benedict XVI, and with a clear message on his first priority: addressing the issue of sexual abuse of children by priests.

Eighty-one percent of Catholics in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of the pope’s election; a quarter call themselves “very enthusiastic” about it.

His reputation as a traditionalist may be one reason: The vast majority, 80 percent, think Benedict will work to maintain church traditions — while nearly half would prefer, instead, that he modernize church policies to reflect the attitudes and lifestyles of Catholics today.

Indeed, given a list of issues, 71 percent of Catholics cite “addressing the issue of sexual abuse by priests” as the highest priority for the new pope; fewer, 41 percent, say “preserving the church’s traditions” should be among Benedict’s highest priorities.

Last on the priorities list, at 22 percent, is “responding to the concerns of women in the church.”

Seems to me that the MSM was telling us just the opposite. How could a Pope be such a popular pick if American Catholics wanted the new Pope to change all the old policies? Like here, here, and here.

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