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May 17, 2008

So You Want Government Run Universal Healthcare? Take a Look How Stimulus Rebate Checks Were Handled

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The Federal government cannot even send a rebate check correctly and some want Rebate_checksgovernment run universal healthcare and the government to have control over life and death issues. Are you still waiting for your rebate stimulus checks? Imagine if it was your ok to get a necessary and needed surgery. This is just another in a long line of examples why government run anything is a mistake.

For all of you who think that government run, insurance for all, universal healthcare is the answer, think again. The IRS is reporting that many stimulus tax rebate checks have been sent to the wrong people and deposited in the wrong accounts. Checks have also been sent to wrong mailboxes. They can’t seem to send a simple check to the correct account with the proper SS# and you want them to control and govern over your healthcare. Universal healthcare is not the answer.

“We do know of instances of problems; we’ve heard of situations where stimulus checks have gone to the wrong people’s bank accounts,” Kevin McKeon, a spokesman for the tax agency, tells the paper. “We’re getting a lot of calls to the toll-free number.”

When Kristine Cahill asked someone at the IRS about the mixup, she says that person told her it had happened to tons of people.

This is just another example of a government run agency managing to Wtfscrew up something that would seem so simple on face value. The bureaucracy of the Federal Government has become a laughable joke. Oh, and another reason why not to have government run universal healthcare, have you taken a look at the VA hospitals and their conditions?

Through the wonders of modern technology, some of those federal economic stimulus checks are being deposited directly into recipients’ bank accounts.

But some are not – and are instead winding up in the bank accounts of complete strangers.

He said he contacted the IRS and was told by an agent that the deposit was one of 15,000 misrouted checks sent out incorrectly as a result of a computer programming glitch.

McKeon said he could not confirm that figure or that a computer problem was responsible.

Snafus delay some IRS rebates; Some payments were deposited into the wrong bank accounts

Double check stimulus payment

Robert Casey of Middletown admits it was a bad decision to write a check for money he did not have, but he said his biggest mistake was trusting the federal government.

Casey filed his federal income taxes electronically with the Internal Revenue Service in early February and, according to the IRS, an economic stimulus payment for $600 should have been deposited directly into his bank account by May 9. So, that week, Casey wrote a check for rent that he believed would be covered by the economic stimulus payment. That payment never showed up in his bank account. Casey said his rent check will likely bounce and he fears he’ll be evicted.

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