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July 30, 2007

Al Gore III pleaded guilty to Drug Possession …

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Al Gore III pleaded guilty today to drug possession charges stemming from his July 4 arrest when he was pulled over for speeding in his Toyota Prius. The charges can be withdrawn if Gore III successfully completes a drug diversion program.

Maybe someone needs to define what “successfully completes” means.  Gore III was previously arrested for marijuana possession in Maryland in 2003, when he was a student at Harvard University; however, he completed substance abuse program to settle those charges. Gore III was also pulled over in 2002 for suspected drunken-driving. How successful was that previous substance abuse programs?

No Prison for Gore III. Did anyone really think he was? There was a better chance of Al Gore Jr. showing up to his son’s hearing in a HUMMER.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP) – Al Gore’s son pleaded guilty Monday to possessing marijuana and other drugs, but a judge said the plea could be withdrawn and the charges dropped if he successfully completes a drug diversion program.

Authorities have said they found drugs in Al Gore III’s car after the 24-year-old was pulled over on July 4 for going 100 mph in his Toyota Prius.

He pleaded guilty Monday to two felony counts of drug possession, two misdemeanor counts of drug possession without a prescription, and one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession, the district attorney’s office said.

Al Gore’s son pleads guilty in drug case

Gore has been at a live-in treatment center since his arrest, said Allan Stokke, his attorney.

“He’s actually doing more than what other people do as far as treatment goes,” Stokke said. “He’s got great family support.” (Well maybe he needs to do more than other people seeing that this is not his first offense)

Gore’s parents did not attend the hearing at the request of their son, but they were in California to support him, Stokke said. (USA Today)

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