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April 02, 2005

Canadian Superiority???

Posted in: Fun,General

One thing that annoys our household, especially Mrs. Tom, is the smug superiority that Canadians have. I mean, they pay over half there salary to the government for healthcare that does not deliver. They piggyback on our defense spending, knowing that if they ever had to step up to the plate to defend themselves, there whole social welfare system would come crashing down.

So news from Instapundit about an impending crisis for the Canadian government is interesting not for the crisis itself, but in how the most noble and righteous government is handling it.

They have imposed a publication ban, which I assume to mean that the media is not allowed to cover the corruption of the labor party.

Another great reason for the rise of the blogworld. It allows exposure of the issues in third world countries.

For the sick and gory details of the labor and mob shakedown of the Canadian population by the liberal criminals, see Captains Quarters. It is totally amazing.

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